How JCHR capitalised on #HumanRightsDay

Twitter always has its feather on the pulse of live events. Sometimes this is the Superbowl or 'National Drink Wine Day', but often they're important international awareness days.

Equal Pay Day, for example, marks the date after which women in the UK effectively work for free for the remainder of the year, due to the gender pay gap.

With awareness at an all-time high, days like this offer Committees a major platform to raise awareness around their work, build their following on Twitter, and generate support for their inquiries. This is just what the Joint Committee on Human Rights (JCHR) did on Human Rights Day.

Joining the conversation

With a high level of interest around Human Rights, this offered JCHR an opportunity to position itself as an authority on human rights issues.

The first step was therefore to define Human Rights Day: this offered a useful infographic to anyone interested in the trending topic on Twitter, but unaware what it means; the call-to-action on the Tweet then seeks to exploit this interest, suggesting to 'Follow us: @UKParlJCHR'.


Explaining their role and work

In their best-performing tweet of the day (seen over 23,000 times), JCHR then explained exactly what they do, giving a strong reason for those interested in human rights to follow them - the call-to-action still present in the bottom right of the graphic.

Then, they explained how to get involved, and what their current work was - all helping anyone who arrived on their Twitter profile to understand what they are and why to follow them.

Exploiting the exposure to put pressure on Government

With a quote from Harriet Harman, JCHR utilised the exposure they'd built throughout the day to apply pressure on the Government. While doing so, they declared one of their key upcoming goals: to scrutinise the Government's position on the Bill of Rights.


The Results

Human Rights Day was JCHR's biggest ever day on Twitter - their tweets were seen 71,942 times. This was 30 times more exposure than their daily average, and three times their highest ever.

This increased exposure built their following by nearly 10% in a single day - a useful result

The Lessons

Commemorative days, national events, and awareness weeks can fire up a community of people on Twitter. Using rich, informative images, you can talk to those communities when they're at the peak of their passion.

Using a clear call-to-action - in this case 'follow us' - you can turn that awareness into support, which will help to mount more pressure on Government.


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