Communicating greater detail with long-form graphics

As we've spoken about before, we're always looking for different ways to create shareable and detailed social media content for Committee reports. Often, however, shareability is at odds with detail - it's the punchy, short, bold messages that get shared, rather than long swathes of text.

In order to get detailed recommendations shared widely, we've been testing a half-way house: long-form graphics. And so far users are responding really strongly.

The Design

Using the serif font Minion, which is the typeface used in Committee reports, we're able to convey a formal tone while making it as easy to read as possible. The eggshell background colour contributes to this, simulating the experience of reading on paper, offering a less harsh contrast with black text.

The longer 640 x 1136 dimensions neatly fit a smartphone screen, meaning that the graphic will make maximum use of mobile viewing. This emulates the feeling of reading an article online.

Focusing the engagement on one tweet

Rather than separating out these messages into several tweets, containing the recommendations all in one helps the tweet to be carried further. With all the engagement focused on a single tweet, the message is also given greater endorsement.

More testing to come

As always, we're looking to test, test, test. Which means we need more data. So there'll be more of these graphics to come, as part of our ongoing effort to spread detailed recommendations are far as possible.


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