Introducing our new inquiry graphics

Today we're announcing a new visual identity for committee graphics.

We had three main objectives with these designs:

  1. Simpler to understand for the public
  2. Simpler to make for staff
  3. More consistent with the whole of Parliament

We've worked closely with several key departments across both Houses of Parliament, consulted with several committees, and worked together to create the following designs.

We're the first to start using the new designs. Find out how we made them, and take a look at the new set.

Creating a new design architecture

We need these designs to be flexible to meet diverse and changing needs.

The design team proposed a basic structure to provide this flexibility: a bottom banner and Portcullis. Everything is else is built upwards from there.


Consistency across Parliament

We're bringing consistency across both Houses of Parliament by aligning our designs.

We all have different design needs, so this doesn't mean using the same templates, or even the same designs.

Instead, it means using the same design structure.

This grid helps us to align key components, such as the text, Portcullis and bottom banner.


The templates

The templates do not cover all the graphics we will need to make.

Instead, they help us to efficiently communicate the key developments of inquiries. More will be added to this set over time.

Inquiry launch


Evidence session: Topic


Evidence session: Witness


Chair quote

Report quote


Report cover





We'll be unrolling these new templates as of today, so keep an eye out for them on Twitter.


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