Telling the story of the inquiry with Twitter Moments

How do you tell the story of an inquiry on Twitter?

This is a question we're always asking ourselves. The difficulties are that inquiries take place over several months, and all our tweets - photos, graphics, videos - end up being fragmented. We visually brand our images to thematically link tweets from a single inquiry, through recurring colour schemes, icons and hashtags.

But can we tell the story in one tweet? This is where Twitter Moments come in.


What are Twitter Moments?

Moments are slideshow made up of existing tweets. Multiple tweets can be stitched together and then shared and viewed together as a single story.

Moments are attached to tweets, like a photo or video would be. They can also be edited at any time, even after they are posted. This means they can be updated over time.

Why Moments?

Twitter Moments expand our capabilities on Twitter in three ways:

The story of the whole inquiry

  • By bringing tweets together in one Moment, we can create a more comprehensive story of an inquiry. They allow us to piece together the fragments of an inquiry into a single, easy-to-follow story.

Updating as we go

  • You can save draft versions and edit it at any time, even after they have been published and posted. This gives us a lot of flexibility to add to them when more graphics and videos are made.

Designed for mobile

  • Moments are well-suited to mobile, which is how we expect our tweets to reach most of our audience. Users can simply swipe through each tweet.

How to make a Moment

1. Go to the Moments tab on your profile

2. Click on the ‘Create a Moment’ button

3. Select the tweets you want to use at the bottom of the page

4. Click on the tweets you want to add

5. Use the arrow tools to set the desired order

6. Set an enticing headline, description and cover image that works as both a portrait and a square

If you'd like some help, just get in touch. Alternatively, Twitter offers support on Moments.


Tweeting a moment

Once you've made your moment, you'll need to tweet it out. Make sure you don't include any other links in the tweet, or the moment won't show.


Get stuck in!

Help your followers understand how stories and inquiries are developing by creating moments of your own.


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